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We are a premier general contractor specializing in industrial and commercial construction. Our dedicated team combines expertise, innovation, and reliability to build enduring structures and lasting partnerships, shaping the future of excellence.

Our Story

Founded in 1975 by JW Grand, the business was founded on principles that are still held in the company today. Mr. Grand was a fair and ethical man and took pride in the business’s morals that guided them towards producing quality work for their clients.

“Whatever it takes — get it done.”

- J.W. Grand

Statement of Faith

As a Christian, I believe in the importance of serving our clients with honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence that reflects the love of Christ. I believe that our work is a calling from God, and that every project is an opportunity to use our talents and skills to serve others and bring glory to His name. I believe that our success is not just measured by the quality of our work, but by the impact that we have on the lives of those we serve. I believe in the power of prayer and seek to honor God in every decision that I make. I believe that my relationship with Him should guide every aspect of my business, from the way that we treat our clients to the way that we manage our finances. I also believe in the importance of treating every person with respect and dignity, as we are all created in the image of God. I strive to build relationships based on trust, compassion, and grace, and to be a witness of Christ's love in all that I do. Ultimately, I believe that my purpose as a Christian is to serve as a light in the darkness, and to use our skills and resources to make a positive impact on the world around us. Through our work, I hope to inspire others to see the love and grace of God in their own lives, and to join us in making a difference in the world for His kingdom.

Meet The Team

Jason Norris
Manager / Principal
Clyde Welch
Sr. Superintendent
Patrick Hollier
Rene Hymel
Sr. Superintendent

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